Wargame: Airland Battle

Looking for a new strategy game to play? Wargame: AirLand Battle, (sequel to Wargame: European Escalation), is the upcoming real-time strategy game that has several strategy fans talking!



1985. After several months of tension between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, an incident in the North Sea suddenly sets the world on fire, starting an all-out war. Command the entire military resources of the period, and plunge into the heart of a new dynamic campaign! With the arrival of air forces, select from a phenomenal array of 750 units (including tanks, planes, helicopters, and infantry) to build your army. Engage in spectacular battles with unmatched strategic depth, on huge battlefields as large as 150km², powered by a new graphics engine.


  • 10 vs. 10 multiplayer matches – You will be able to have twenty-man matches. In what form or context though has yet to be determined.
  • Broadcasting – Eugen will develop a system that will allow people to broadcast their matches, allowing people to jump in as observers to study other peoples tactics and tricks. Might be useful for the eSports scene as well.
  • Urban Warfare – The team have tweaked urban warfare, both in how towns, cities, etc… Are physically built on the map, but also how the Player/AI interact with them. Buildings are grouped into ‘districts’ and infantry units smartly deploy to cover all angles of a district, saving you having to micro-manage them by moving them around between individual buildings.
  • Logistics – Logistical units have been given a tweak, allowing you to choose what the re-supply, whether it be only ammo, or only fuel, or only repairs, or a combination of both
  • Maps – There will be over 30 new maps, mainly based on Scandinavian topography, although no new game modes at present.

The game will launch May 22, but if you pre-purchase through steam, you will be able to take part in the Open Beta process. This one has a lot of hype, so if you fancy strategy games, get out there and get signed up for Beta!

Game Website: HERE
Steam Url: HERE

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